Success on the library consultation, but what next?!

Following our legal challenges, letter writing campaign and persistent objections at all and any opportunities to the Council’s original and seriously flawed consultation process, they have been forced to address our concerns and back down! This is actually acknowledged in the latest issue of the Council newspaper, where there is full-page advert and article entitled ‘Listening on Libraries’.

A new consultation has been launched with an extended deadline (31st January 2017) and a new round of focus group discussions are already underway. See the Council’s proposals in full here: )

The Council have provided a little more information about their proposals, but they still don’t clearly and explicitly state that the Council’s preferred option – Option 1 – results in Higham Hill Library being demolished and replaced with flats. Nor have they changed the many factual errors in their supporting documents and reports. They do, however, admit that the sale of the site will only raise the pathetic sum of £870,000.

Higham Hill Library is worth so much more than that to our local community!

We need to keep pushing to save our historic and much loved library. So what should we all be doing now?

  1. Take part in the new survey – it’s online now: Higham Hill Library is the first section. Support OPTION 2 – to refurbish and restock the library. Don’t move it – improve it!
  2. We’ve reached over 800 signatures on our petition –   – can we get to 1000 by Christmas?

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