The Undersea Library

We had a fabulous time at Higham Hill Library during the E17 Art Trail earlier this month. The Saturday making events were busy and fun and the library looked wonderful with a mural of curious sea creatures building each week, an ever growing reef of coral (if only that were true on the real reefs), displays of origami, book selections, fact sheets and quizzes, and lots of sticking and pasting and cutting and colouring. We even found an amazing sunken wreck and a deep sea diver! You can see loads of  pictures here on Facebook. We also had another visit from Yellow Man in his diving kit!

It was great to see the library so vibrant and busy, and judging by the turn out  – this type of thing is welcome, popular and needed in our corner of E17. The library staff were, as ever, brilliant – skilled in so many ways (all the lovely creative make ideas came from them). They juggle the demands of small and enthusiastic toddlers with a glue stick, student research queries, the challenges of technology (from photocopying glitches to how to use digital photo-sharing apps) and diverse local library users of every type, age and need, with kindness, intelligence, care and good humour. The staff at HH Library regularly run this type of event (at Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year so in 2017!), but with a bit of a boost from us and a willingness to muck in, we can support the library and get involved. Shockingly Higham Hill was possibly the only Library in the borough to take part in the Art Trail this Year.

Once again it is so abundantly clear that the library is more than a “service”  – it is a crucial place and a space for people to come together, or sit apart, to read and meet and think and learn. All without  needing to get your money out (late return fines aside!) So many people commented on what a great space we have in our library and that with a little help it could be even better.

There is still no real news on the Council decision about our Library’s future. We are hoping for a statement of some kind soon and the decision date is currently scheduled for the Council Cabinet meeting on 5th September. So, for now keep using the library, make friends with the lovely library staff, and keep telling your council representatives why we want to keep Higham Hill Library where it is and why!