CAMPAIGN MEETING: Monday 14th August at Higham Hill Library

Our  meeting  to celebrate a year of campaigning and to discuss progress and next steps will now take place next Monday evening between 6 and 8pm at HIGHAM HILL LIBRARY! We are very happy to say that our request to use HH Library itself has now been agreed – which is fantastic and thanks to the Library Service!

In fact, we are going to have 2 sessions during the evening – one at 6-7pm for those available earlier in the evening, and please bring along children if you are looking after them at that time. Then we will have a 7-8pm session for those available later, coming from work, etc.

If anyone is able to join us on the library steps at 5.50pm for a photo to celebrate a year of library campaigning, that would be great!

Drinks and nibbles will be available – and if the weather is as good as it is today, there may even be a visit to the library garden!

Please do try to come along to this important meeting to discuss the latest developments and the future of Higham Hill Library!

5:50 – Group photo

6 – 7pm Early session meeting

7-8pm After work/ later session meeting